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Penny is AMAZING! She is patient, kind and most importantly, listens to children and their opinions. She raises them up and helps them advocate for themselves and others. Her teaching methods are child-led, using the child's interests to guide curriculum and teach language, math and writing skills. Penny's energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

Mom to Jaron


My son was a student in Penny's class and camps from the age of 3-5 years. As he grew, Penny nurtured in him kindness, curiosity and the language to communicate his needs. She set our son on a path to be a lifelong learner and a warm, loving little boy. Now that he has transitioned to kindergarten, the proof of Penny's amazing work is in the confidence he has with his peers and his desire to learn.

Mom to Adam


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Penny Mackie while she was the main teacher for our son’s preschool. He attended the school from 3.5 to 4.5 years old and Penny was one of the key reasons we felt comfortable to enroll our son.  Very quickly she became a second mother to my son and also a friend of the family.  She possesses a very open and welcoming warmth as well as a vibrant and humorous presence that both children and adults gravitate toward.  Her positivity is contagious and she created a physically safe and emotionally nurturing environment.  Her genuine care and big heart is what I admire her for. 

Mom to Leo


My 4 year old son attended the preschool where Penny was the main teacher as well as her summer camps when school was out. My son flourished under Penny's teaching style. She's genuinely a warm and caring teacher and her love towards children showed through her interactions with them. 
We would not hesitate to send our younger son (currently 6 mos. old) to her school when he is preschool age and look forward to interacting with her again.

Mom to Skylar


Penny is patient.​ If you’ve ever felt a surge of frustration with one child stubbornly throwing a temper tantrum over something as simple as a broken sippy cup—then you’ll be in awe of how Penny can handle a gaggle of 3 and 4-year-olds without ever seeming harried or stressed or even tired. She is the calm amid the storm—the peaceful inside of the tornado. I can remember several times where Penny swooped in between two bickering little ones and calmly helped them talk out their issues and resume playing. She did it by being endlessly patient, and always ready to help in a way that makes children feel valued.

Mom to Hannah

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